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About ARC


The Adoptee Rights Coalition (ARC) is an adoptee-led 501(c)(4) all-volunteer grassroots organization originally formed in 2005. Our passionate supporters include adult adoptees, families by birth and adoption, and others who share our mission.

Though the ARC is a separate entity from the Adoptee Rights Campaign, we support their advocacy efforts on behalf of some 35,000 international adoptees whose citizenship status is at risk.


We educate and inform legislators, the adoption community and the public about issues of vital interest to adult adoptees including:

  • Policies and practices rooted in truth and transparency rather than shame and secrecy.

  • The importance of approaching relinquishment and adoption as a lifelong process rather than a one-time event. 

  • The basic human right to know one's origins and lineal heritage through direct unfettered access to one's original birth certificate and certain other records pertaining to the adoption.  

The core focus of the Adoptee Rights Coalition is sponsorship of a booth each year at the National Conference of State Legislatures. The organization is funded entirely through donations from people like you.   

No greater atrocity has been committed against adoptees than to sever them from their ancestral information and connections.   - Colorado State Representative Jonathan Singer

Our Mission




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