Thursday, March 12, 2015

Head Count for Adoptee Rights Demonstration Seattle 2015?

If we have it, will you come?

Friends in Adoption & Adoptee Rights Supporters,

Almost every year, when planning the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, the board of directors is faced with the question of whether or not we can committee to organizing the protest. Being a small grassroots organization, factors such as finances and  volunteer time commitments play a huge part. 
The purpose of the protest was always to call attention to our efforts to educate the many state legislators inside the NCSL Annual Summit exhibit hall, yet we know the demonstration itself is such a very empowering and community building event for all.  Since 2008 when the first demonstration was held, the annual gathering of the ARC family has been an important part of many lives. We know it was disappointing that there was not a protest in 2104. 
We are facing that question again right now in regards to the 2015 Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

Proposed 2015 Adoptee Rights Demonstration Dates

This year the National Council of State Legislators Annual Summit is being held in Seattle, WA from August 3rd through August 6th.  That means the Adoptee Rights Demonstration would be on  Monday August 3rd with the  ARC Sign Making Party on Sunday the 2nd. 

So we have opted, this year, to directly ask you to vote.   Before we begin the tasks required to plan for the march in Seattle, we need to get a head count of the number of folks who would realistically be able to a committed attempt to participate.  That will be necessary for the group hotel prices, busing, and also for any needed city permits to hold a public demonstration. And then there is the simple reality that if  there is a noted lack of interest in the protest, the ARC will focus on the lobby effort in the name of Adoptee Rights.

Your Rights, Your Protest - Add Your Voice!

Please let us know though the following opt in Seattle Email list your level of interest and possible involvement in the Adoptee Rights Demonstration. Even you have already signed up for the ARC email list, take a minute and let us know your thoughts.

We know this is in no way a formal commitment, but rather a show of hands so that we can move forward as a community.

You can either follow this link to the  polling list here;
Or just fill it out below.
The most important part is the show of hands and the check boxes. And please do share so we can get a real head count!

Seattle Head Count

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