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Join the Breakfast Club Today

The 2016 NCSL in Chicago featured a landmark first-time-ever event.

Thanks to the vision and influence of adoptee and Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (IL), a breakfast panel made up of Sen. William Beagle (OH), adoptee and Rep. Kerry Benninghof (PA), law professor Elizabeth Samuels, lobbyist Aaron Ockerman, and other advocates shared insights from their experience as bill sponsors of and advocates for OBC access legislation in their states.

Fast forward to this year in Nashville, when Assemblyman David Weprin (NY) and adoptee and Rep. Rick Stark (FL), who have also sponsored OBC access legislation, urged the ARC to organize a sequel event for 2020 in Indianapolis. The pandemic put the project on hold, but it's still a top priority.

We're in! But we need your help to fund it. Meeting space and catered food at this type of event for up to 50 legislators is, to say the least, pricey. But the unique opportunity to connect with and educate new potential bill sponsors is vital and well worth it.

Will you help us by becoming a member of the Breakfast Club? Our initial fundraising goal is $5000, but if supporters want to contribute $10,000 as seed money for future breakfasts, that would be even better. Much good work is taking place in the adoption reform movement, but this event represents a unique opportunity to connect with and educate potential bill sponsors from around the nation, and other countries as well.

Not everyone can attend the NCSL. But anyone can click here or on the Donate button at the top of this page and make a meaningful difference with your contribution in any amount, whether small or large. We can only do it with your help. Thank you for considering a donation in any amount.

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