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Last Minute Adoptee Rights Demonstration Check List

Important Times and Places You Need to Know

The Sign Making Party is at 6:00 pm on Sunday Aug 11th

We will have a private room, though not sure which one, at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport located at 1325 Virginia Avenue Atlanta, GA 30344 . There is usually signage and if necessary, you can call them to check 1-843-760-5839.

The party usually goes on for a few hours before we have to leave the room, then we hang out in the rest of the hotel.

 We are NOT allowed to have "food" in there, so please note that you should eat beforehand! The hotel does have two restaurants in the building and we are within walking distance of many others

At the sign making party we will have various pre-lettered signs as beautifully crafted by our own Jeff Hancock.

The time is usually spent coloring them in and affixing the posts while discussing the next day plans and socializing. We will have markers available for coloring, but you are more than welcome to bring your own personal supplies if you are so inclined. Paint and glitter gets messy and the hotels don't love us if we trash the carpets!

Pre Demonstration Meet Up

The morning of the Demonstration we will be meeting in the hotel lobby and outside the hotel starting at 9:00 AM. This is a good time for lots of pictures!  Don't forget to promo the event on your social networks.

IF you have already registered for the bus, then you are ON the bus and the bus is going to be picking us up at 10:00 AM. I would like to stay SHARP, but last year the bus was late (we still got there on time), still plan for boarding the bus at 10:00 AM sharp!

At this point the bus is ALMOST FILLED. If you are officially registered and we have your emails via that and you GOT an personal email from Claud, then you should know if you are on the bus or not! If you are NOT registered for the bus and you need to be, please send an email to Claud at ASAP.

If the bus gets filled and we are close, then you have to either drive (some people have room in cars; please email Claud) or use public transportation to get to the Georgia World Congress Center. Public Transportation takes about an hour as well.

The hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport (five minutes away) where those who are not riding the bus can catch the MARTA train (ATL mass transit) to the World Congress Center.

 Here is the MARTA map:

There is also the public transportation choice on Google maps, but the shuttle to the airport is probably the best bet!!

IF you are local, or staying at another hotel. Then you will need to see the ARC Meeting Place Post.

The bus will be picking up the bus folks at 12:30 and we shall return to the hotel.

For ARD First Timers: What Else Do you Need to Know?

Aside from the definitive times and places for the sign making party and the demonstration, many folks at the hotel spend a lot of time getting together and talking.

 The lobby becomes a central meeting place for many as is the watering hole which in this case will be "Richard's on the Rocks" If you are looking for company, those are the places to check!

 Meals often become group events with folks enjoying the time together as this is a yearly time to catch up with old friend and make new ones.

If you are registered, please check your emails for the "Liability Disclosure Form" becasue we have to be safe! If you can get those elecronically signed and back, then we will not harass you for them at the sign making party!

ARC Packing Tips and other Misc Tips

For the demonstration, the "official" color is green. If you have ARC logo shirts, or DENIED wear, or other adoption related clothing, you'll want to being that. If you don't then, go green.

 Please remember Atlanta in August will most likely be hot. Consider that after the demonstration you will most likely want to change and freshen up which is one of the reasons we decided to forgo an official "after party" at another location this year. However, we do encourage people, even those staying at other hotels or local folks to come back to the hotel later for the more informal get togethers. We tend to basically " take over" the hotel lobby (and bar).

While it does not seem like an hour of demonstrating is long enough, most folks are exhausted after that amount of time in the hot sun holding a big sign and yelling loudly. Please remember to bring personal bottled water on the demonstration day!

Likewise, bring extra clothing, especially undergarments, to change into. Really. You will be glad you did!

The Emotional Impacts

Its entirely normal to be nervous about coming and being so open and public about adoption to all. 
Even some very seasoned folks have the pre protest jitters year after year. Some people give into the fear and do not come, while most others work through it and are very glad that they did!

It is very empowering to add your voice and fight for our civil rights. However, it's also difficult to be honest and open and real, while at the same time it's great to be around people that really understand. No explanations are necessary. No editing! There are always tears and hugs and smiles.

However, one should be aware of the emotional nature of the event. While the restaurants and watering holes become central get together locations, no one benefits from alcohol induced break downs.

Please be kind to others; open, inviting, none judgmental and please watch out for each other. We are family!

Other Ways to Help

Candy Wrapping: One of the ways that we get attention to the lobby booth in the NCSL exhibit hall besides the Demonstration is the hand wrapped ARC candy. We will be wrapping the 1000 Hersey's miniatures while in Atlanta. Look for the Cady wrapping party in the lobby and feel free to join in, Many hands make light work!

Check in: We have the Sign Making Party and Demonstration already on Foursquare where you can check in if you use it. The ARC Demonstration is at while the Party is here at

If you are not attending the Demonstration you can still help! Look for updates on the Facebook page and Twitter! Share and re-tweet as it happens. Hopefully we'll have good videos up this year and more pictures! Remember to TAG the @Adoptee Rights page so we can add your images to the compilation video! And share share share!

Once various people are on the road it will be difficult for us to get back to you. Please feel free to take Claud's cell number 845 750 5954 and text her questions etc. Come Saturday, that will be the easiest way to get an (somewhat) immediate response.

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