Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buy the Booth! Atlanta 2013.

With the 6th annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration just two months away, we excitedly launch our "Buy the Booth" Indiegogo campaign.  The goal is to raise $1,800 to cover the costs of putting on this spectacular event.  We're offering some pretty cool perks too.  Keep track of how much we've raised by visiting our website frequently and checking out the fundraiser widget in our right sidebar.

By "Buying the Booth," you help bring the work of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration full circle.  The media awareness raised by the demonstration catches the attention of legislators inside the National Conference of State Legislators.  Legislators make sure to stop by the booth to ask for more information about the demonstration.  It's the booth that makes our demonstration so successful and we can't do it each year without your help.

Your donation, big or small, makes a world of a difference to the 6 million adult adoptees nationwide that we advocate for at our booth.  Visit our Indiegogo page and check out our campaign today!

--The Adoptee Rights Coaltion

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