Thursday, August 2, 2012

A note about film makers


This year The Adoptee Rights Coalition is thrilled to expect not only record numbers of demonstration participants, but we will also have a small number of documentary film crews covering our event. While we are pleased to receive this additional support and publicity, we ask the filmmakers to please respect the privacy concerns of our participants. We are not allowing filming at the poster party at the Sheraton, as this is a very personal and private time for many of our supporters. Participants travel from around the world to attend our annual demonstrations, and prefer to meet each other in person without being on camera.   

We ask that before filming at the demonstration, you provide release forms for anyone agreeing to be filmed, and that you let all participants and/or staff of McCormick Place Chicago know that you are not affiliated with The Adoptee Rights Coalition.  

We have secured our own permits for McCormick Place, and filming was not something listed in our contract. We do not wish to be in violation of our signed agreement. 

Our attendees are welcome to take part in any film/documentary being filmed, but please do so at your own risk and ask to sign a release form. The Adoptee Rights Coalition is not affiliated with ANY film (professional/student/amateur) production company or private individuals who may be filming. 

Thank You. 
The Adoptee Rights Coalition Executive Board

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