Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where to Meet for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration

For Those NOT Going on the Adoptee Rights Bus

If you are NOT taking the buses from the Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotel,  then you will need to find and hook up with the Adoptee Rights Demonstration!

McCormick Place Convention Center (2301 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60616) is huge, but we will be meeting and demonstrating in McCormick Square. It is a central location off South Martin Luther King Drive and is at the back base of the Hyatt Hotel there.

See the Adoptee Rights Demonstration map live on Google Maps 

Focus on Discriminating Against Adopted People

Please Remember: access to original birth certificates is not about a right to reunion. Access to our records is about ending the discrimination against adoptees. It really is that simple. That is truly something that no statistic, no fake privacy rights, no adoption agency can counter. There is no argument that overrules our discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination. And we, the adopted, ARE being discriminated against by being denied access to our original, unaltered birth certificates. Keep your message simple and to the point.

When you get to McCormick Square, you'll want to look for this place:

And people that look like this:

Rules of Conduct for McCormick Place

McCormick Place is public property and does not fall under the public city demonstration laws. While we have a permit and the written consent to hold the Adoptee Rights Demonstration at McCormick Place, please MAKE YOURSELF AWARE THAT WE HAVE AGREED TO THE FOLLOWING: 

No member of the Adoptee Rights Coalition or Adoptee Rights Demonstration, guests, supporters may:
  • Violate any law,City ordinances or zoning requirements or prohibitions 
  • Cause injury or damage to McCormick Place resources or facilities 
  • Interfere with ingress or egress of McCormick Place patrons
  • Impair the operations of McCormick Place facilities
  • Endanger the health or safety of the public or McCormick Place patrons 
  • Litter 
  • Generate noise though the use of amplified sound devices such as bullhorns, PA systems, in violation of levels permitted in the City of Chicago Ordinances
  • Affix signs, literature or any other materials to any object, structure, sculpture or trees on McCormick Place 
  • Use vehicle or any other wheeled devices as part of an expressive activity; with exception of wheelchairs and other similar motorized devices for those individuals physically requiring such devices 
  • Store or leave unattended any boxes or bags of literature or any other materials 
  • Erect any table, chair, booth or other structure or physical prop 
  • Or disseminate obscene materials 

Thank you for Supporting the Fifth Annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration! Your Rights, Your Protest!

We'll see YOU in Chicago!!


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