Friday, July 13, 2012

A brief thank you & demonstration conduct


Thank you so much for all the overwhelming support of adoptive parents, adoptees, natural parents, parents and people of all stripes, all those that support the very important work of restoring dignity and parity to adoptees.   We are so blessed to have your unwavering time, money, and other intangible contributions to help right this terrible wrong that has been imposed upon adoptees. 

In planning for the 2012 Adoptee Rights Demonstration in Chicago, we feel it very important to remind each participant that our focus is, and always has been, the unconditional restored access of an adoptee's original birth certificate. It is through our voluntary work as a small, grass-roots movement, to seek only the state sanctioned restoration of dignity for individuals that were adopted.

While we want to thank everyone for their support on this important topic of adoptee equality, we also need to remind one and all that this is our single focus of the Adoptee Rights Coalition. We ask that each of you be mindful of your language, behavior, and attire. Protest posters will be rendered the evening prior to the protest. However, if you choose to bring your own it must be met with ARC board member approval prior to the demonstration.  

The Adoptee Rights Coalition also maintains the right to refuse any props, costuming, or gimmicks not in receipt of our approval prior to the protest. The “Code of Conduct” standards contained within the ARC creed will be strictly enforced.  
2012 will be our biggest and most challenging year, as we will be representing in a tiered access state for the first time.  It is a very exciting opportunity for us because we are going to be able to address tiered access in a state where they believe they have done right for us, but as we know, any discrimination is never justified. We are prepared and ready to address the false information that discrimination is ever justified, regardless of birth-status. NO adoptee left behind! 

The booth workers who have been scheduled have been notified of their schedules. We would like to thank everyone for their interest in working in the booth this year. While we wish we could accommodate everyone who wants to have time in the booth, the numbers are too great.  Please take that energy to work in your home state to restore unconditional citizenship if it is lacking in your state, to work on state based groups to get your legislators to support you.  If you are lucky  enough to live in a free-state, please work for a neighboring state that still believes that adoptees are less-than. Write letters, visit your legislators, they are required to have offices in your community.   
We thank each of you in advance for your commitment to adoptee rights and for conforming to our standards.

In solidarity: 

The Adoptee Rights Coalition.

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