Sunday, February 26, 2012

Help Fund the Lobby Booth for the Adoptee Rights Coalition at the NCSL!


What happens AFTER the Adoptee Rights Demonstration?

The profit in adoption, happened along time ago in most of our lives. As we all know, there is NO money in the work that we do. When it comes to changing laws, the adoption groups are marginalized, underrepresented, ignored, and unfunded. That's one of the main reasons we have the demonstration at the NCSL Summits. The good old fashioned stick waving chanting protest is what gets the ATTENTION of the lawmakers.

After we demonstrate, the real work of the ARC begins! The NCSL Legislative Summit is Aug. 6-9, 2012 in Chicago, IL. In order to have access to the state legislators, we have to purchase an exhibit booth in the main exhibit hall during the conference. We are vying for attention against the huge lobby groups who have giant displays, custom swag to giveaway and are funded by major interest groups. We are, without a doubt, the underdogs of the NCSL fighting against the big corporations. There is no getting around the cost of the booth.

Please help the ARC BUY THE BOOTH!

This year the booth is $1,795 and NCSL exhibit hall want their money right away. Minimum 50% down ($897.50) by March 16 or 100% payable after. They're already assigning booths, but there are a few good ones left at the moment. The better the booth location, the more attention we can bring to the need for new Adoptee Rights legislation, so time is of the essence!

This is a special Donation Campaign specifically to help fund the booth!

Perks for Your Contributionto The ARC

Add Your Name to the Chain: $1

One of the traditions of the Adoptee Rights Protest is Jeff Hancock's hand made "Name" necklace. If you can't make it to Chicago, march in spirit.
PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT charging for additions to the annual name necklace that Jeff creates, but we want to have a perk even for the smallest donation because EVERY bit helps! You can STILL be included in the necklace without this donation.

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Sweets for Sweeties!: $25

A sampling of custom made ARC wrapped minis can be yours! Ok they are really just Hersey's minis, but they are wrapped up by hand in beautifully crafted Adoptee Rights Wrappers. Hand cut and tapped! (delivery after the Adoptee Rights Demonstration)

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The Foundling: $100
49 years ago Mary Gauthier was abandoned by her mother at the St. Vincent’s Infants Home in New Orleans. She was adopted. Last year she released her seventh recording, a concept album called “The Foundling.” It’s scathing and tender and fearless.. and all about what it feels like to be adopted.

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Be Infamous: $500
Ever have a blog post dedicated to how super awesome you are? Ever have something to say but not sure how to say it? Birthmother blogger Claudia D'Arcy of Musings of the Lame will write and publish a blog post all about you.

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Help with What You DO!

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