Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Adoptee Rights Demonstration: Hotel Update


Chicago Hotel

We have been blessed by the most gracious donation!  The OFFICAL Adoptee Rights Demonstration Hotel is the:
We have a group rate of $79.00 a night. We will have the discount available as soon as possible, but you have to wait for the contract to be signed ( as we type) and the discount code to be produced. More details coming soon!

Get on the Adoptee Rights BUS!

As the hotel is closer to O'Hare, we have been most fortunately gifted by the payment of a  charter bus with a driver which will take us from the hotel to the Downtown Chicago for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration!!! IF our donor says yes, we shall release her name so you know who to thank! The bus will also take us all, em mass, back to the hotel after the demonstration.

Adoptee Rights Sign Making Party

With this FINAL hotel decision, we have also confirmed the meeting room for the sign making party on August 5th!

Other Adoptee Rights Demonstration Details

The Adoptee Rights Coalition will be providing OFFICIAL signs and literature to hand out at the sign making party and the day of the demonstration.

We will be meeting at the hotel and then getting on the ADOPTEE RIGHTS BUS! After the demonstration, we will return to the hotel this year. As past experiences have showed us that people are tired and wanted to clean up after the demonstration, we will have  the celebratory after party closer to the hotel after "nap time"

No Excuses! Plan for the Adoptee Rights Day 2012!

To sign up for ARD 2012 Chicago, please fill out the simple ARC registration form. All you have to do is click this link!Start putting some $$ aside and plan for the BEST fight for Adoptee Rights to date!

Chi'town here we come!



  1. Wonderful news - so happy and will be there!

  2. I'm excited for those who are part of the group and for new comers. Although I haven't met any of you in person. We are all united spiritually. :) Feb 10, 2012. w.o.

  3. I hope to go, but we have several big things going on this summer. Crossing my fingers that I'll be able to make it. : )


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