Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adoptee Rights Products!


Get Ready for NCSL Boston 2017

Did you know that when you buy a T shirt or ARC coffee mug from Cafe Press that 25% of the profits help us pay for the fees and signs and all the other things that we need to make the Adoptee Rights Demonstration a success?
Plus, we all look so good sporting our Adoptee Rights threads!

New Adoptee Rights Products

Besides the shirts galore, we have some new and exciting products this year!

  • The ARC OVAL WALL PEEL: After you cut out the "extra' on this oval, you can stick this thing just about anywhere!
  • Monster ARC 12"x12" CAR MAGNET: Driving to Chicago? Say it all with one of these beauties! Yes, you need to be a tiny bit crafty and cut out the circle, unless you have a white car!
  • MAGNETIC Bumper Sticker! Because some days, we know you don't want to be an activist. Take it off and put in in the glove box until you feel like dealing again!
  • DENIED KEY RING: Denied your OBC, denied entry to yourself? Someday someone will give us our keys to ourselves!
Make sure you check out the entire ARC "collection at Cafe Press!

DENIED OBC shirts and products can be found and purchased on Cafe Press too!

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