Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going green and keeping cool,


Many people have been asking, "What does one bring to a demonstration?"

We thought we'd give you a few suggestions

San Antonio is hot. Not hot like sipping an ice cold lemonade on the porch hot, but hot like a revolution in hell hot. Remember Louisville last year? Add about 10 degrees and you have a good idea of the kind of hot we're talking about. (90-100 degrees) We have shortened our march route this year. We need our Adoptee Rights Revolutionaries to be strong and bold, not wilting and ready to pass out!

We will have some bottled water available, but it is strongly advised to throw a few extras in your pocket or purse that morning.

Light colored clothing helps with the heat. While black is slimming, it is a magnet for the sun. We like our revolutionaries to wear something green, so light green may be a better choice for the Texas heat. The Adoptee Rights Coalition has tee-shirts available here!

Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are also a good idea, as are good walking shoes.
Comfy is in the toes of the beholder!

We will have some art supplies for our sign making party, but if you are partial to glitter, or if you will only used scented markers, by all means, feel free to pack those items, too. A word of caution, though- put your glitter in a zip lock baggie, unless you want to sparkle the entire time you are there!

We will be posting more specific details as we get closer to the date, but we know how excited everyone is getting for this year's demonstration.

If you have not made your hotel reservations, there are only two more weeks to do so before our special rate goes up. This is the last reminder about the hotel...we know some people like to wait til the last minute. One more time, here's the link to The Menger Hotel for reservations, and our group code is GRPARC.

We are so excited about this year's Adoptee Rights Demonstration. Talk to y'all next week!

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