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Illinois Original Birth Certificates

How to Get Birth Certificate in Illinois if You Were Adopted

Illinois OBC Access Status: OPEN ( at age 21) May 21st, 2010

Who May Access Original Birth Certificate Information in Illinois

Illinois born Adoptees born prior to Jan. 1, 1946, will be able to obtain a copy of their original birth certificate immediately.

Illinois Adoptees born after 1946 has to wait for this 12-month campaign to complete itself and allow all birth parents to come forward. After May, 2011 any Illinois adoptee can apply for their birth certificate ONLY through the mail. If there's no if there's no denial filed/ preference form the Adoptee will receive a copy of their original birth certificate.

Illinois Adoptees Must Wait until Age 21 and Birthparents Can Still Deny Access

The new system essentially puts the burden of keeping information confidential on the birthparents.

All adoption records are currently sealed, though all adoption agencies and services have outreach programs. Birth parents of adopted persons born after January 1, 1946, may request that their names be deleted from this non-certified copy. All birth parents may indicate their preferences regarding contact with their adult child. This new law creates a system where the birthparents can opt how much, if any, information they want shared, should the adoptee seek that information after turning 21.
For instance, the form birth parents will be asked to file contains a checklist that starts with full release of all information and providing contact numbers, moves to restricted release and contact and concludes with no release of any information. The birthparents simply check which option they prefer.

If no form is filed blocking access, the records will be available to the adoptee.


The New Illinois law allows adult adopted persons born in Illinois to request non-certified copies of their original birth certificates through the Illinois Department of Public Health. In most cases, the original birth certificate will list the first and last names of one or both birth parents.

The options available under this new law are different for adopted persons, birth parents and their family members. The options available also change depending on the date of birth of the adult adopted person.

For additional information, click on the applicable link below:

  • If you are the surviving spouse of a deceased adult adopted person who was born in Illinois, and you and the deceased adopted person have one or more biological children under the age of 21, and no children over the age of 21, the new law authorizes you to request a non-certified copy of the deceased adult adopted person's original birth certificate through the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange ("the Registry").

Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange

The Illinois Adoption Registry now offers Illinois adoptees and their birth and adoptive families another post-adoption option – the Medical Information Exchange.

Previously, registrants were able to authorize or prohibit the release of identifying information to others involved in their surrender or adoption. While that option remains, under new provisions, the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (IARMIE) now also allows mutually consenting and adopted and surrendered persons and members of their birth and adoptive families to voluntarily exchange a wealth of information without petitioning the courts.

Adoption Information for Illinios Adoptees and Bih Parent Searches

Illinois Open
Searching groups for Illinois:

Aborns Illinois Adoption resources CHECK HERE FIRST!- loaded with useful information

Quad States Lost Angels in Adoption –  group is for venting, search and support with search help offered in four [Ia, Il, WI, NE] states; help or refferals for others will be offered.


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