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Wyoming OBCs

Wyoming Birth Certificates

How to Get Birth Certificate in Wyoming if You Were Adopted

How to Get Birth Certificate in Wyoming if You Were Adopted

Wyoming OBC Access Status: Sealed State

Access to Original Birth Certificate in Wyoming

Per Wyoming Citation: Ann. Stat. § 35-1-417– The original birth certificate is not subject to inspection except by court order. “Upon the entry of the final decree of adoption, all records in the proceedings shall be sealed and may be available for inspection only by order of court for good cause shown.”
Under this section of the law, you may petition the court for access to your records, and the court will determine if there is “good cause” to release the file information to you. In other words, once an  adoption is final, the records are sealed and access to those records is  limited by law. Wyoming has a forced Confidential Intermediaries (CI) program, those  affected by adoption can learn more about family history and under certain  circumstances arrange a biological family member meeting. Any information obtained by the intermediary ( such as the OBC) shall be kept strictly confidential and shall be utilized only for the purpose of arranging a contact between the individual who initiated the search and the sought-after birth relative. ( in other words, you cannot see it!)

Wyoming’s Mandatory Confidential Intermediary Program for Adoption

A confidential intermediary is a trained researcher given access to confidential adoption records by a District Court Judge. CIs, as the researchers are called, contact the people involved in the adoption and work to answer questions posed by the petitioner (the person seeking more information). That can include biological family health history and, when both sides agree, a meeting.
Adoption Confidential Intermediaries (CI) work for adoptees and their biological families in hopes of reconnecting the family members or collecting important medical histories. CIs, as these trained volunteers are called, are given special access to court records concerning the adoption. Get more information on Confidential Intermediaries and the process here.  Clickhere for a brochure about the CI program.

Mutual Access to Identifying Adoption Information in Wyoming

Per Wyoming Citation: Ann. Stat. § 1-22-203 allows an adult adoptee, adoptive parents, birth parent or birth relative who is age 18 or older to file an Affidavit and Petition to Appoint a confidential Intermediary in District court to assist in the location of the adult, biological relative. If located and the birth relative agrees, the intermediary brings about contact after filing notice with the court. The necessary forms and paperwork to complete this procedure are in the Clerk of the district court’s office. You should contact the office where you think the adoption was finalized. If you do not know where the adoption occurred, file in the court nearest you.
Any person listed above may petition the court to appoint one or more confidential intermediaries for the purpose of determining the whereabouts of an unknown birth relative, except that no one shall seek a relative who is a minor.
Contact shall be made between the parties only when written consent for such contact has been obtained from both parties and filed with the court.
If consent for personal communication is not obtained from both parties, all relinquishment and adoption records and any information obtained by any confidential intermediary during the course of his or her investigation shall be returned to the court and shall remain confidential.

Adoptees Must Pay for Searches and Adoption Information in Wyoming

No state funds can be used for these searches, so petitioners can expect to pay a $70 filing fee with the District Court, $25 administrative fee to the CI, $150 per search along with any fees for copying, telephone calls and other services used to locate the sought after relative.
Who can I call if I still have questions? Call Wyoming Family Services’ Adoption Consultant Maureen Clifton at (307) 777-3570.

These forms will be useful in accessing adoption records:

Here are some excerpts of Wyoming State Statute on the topic.

To Access Non Identifying Adoption Information in Wyoming

Per W.S. 1-22-116 “To the extent available, the medical history of a child subject to adoption and his natural parents, with information identifying the natural parents eliminated, shall be provided by an authorized agency or may be provided by order of a court to the child’s adoptive parent, anytime after the adoption decree or to the child after he attains the age of majority.”
In other words, an adoptee or adoptive parent may write to the Department of Family Servicesor agency where the adoption occurred and request “non-identifying medical information” without court order. There is no provision for this information to be provided to the birth parent.

Who May Access Adoption Information in Wyoming

Per Wyoming Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 1-22-116; 1-22-203 – Per Wyoming Citation: Ann. Stat. § 1-22-116– To the extent available, the medical history of the adoptive child and his or her birth parents, with information identifying the birth parents eliminated, shall be provided to the child’s adoptive parent any time after the adoption decree or to the child after he or she attains the age of majority. The history shall include but not be limited to all available information regarding conditions or diseases believed to be hereditary, any drugs or medication taken during pregnancy by the birth mother, and any other information that may be a factor influencing the child’s present or future health.
 Nonidentifying medical information may be provided to:
  • The adoptive parent
  • The adult adopted person

Where the Adoption Information Can Be Located in Wyoming

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