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South Dakota OBCs

South Dakota Birth Certificates

How to Get Birth Certificate in South Dakota if You Were Adopted

How to Get Birth Certificate in South Dakota if You Were Adopted

South Dakota OBC Access Status: Sealed

Access to Original Birth Certificate in South Dakota

Per South Dakota Citation: Ann. Code § 34-25-16.4– The original birth certificate is available upon order of the court.
South Dakota law allows only the adoptee and the adoptive parents to open sealed adoption files (SDCL 25-6-15). To open a file, the adoptee must petition the court where the adoption was finalized to receive a court order. The Department of Social Services’ Division of Child Protection Services and the Department of Health’s Vital Records must sign off on the petition.
As an adoptee, you can contact the Division of Child Protection Services’ Adoption Unit at (605) 773-3227 to assist you with the petition.
Once you receive the petition, take it to the judge of the court where your adoption was finalized.
Once you receive the certified court order from the judge, send it to the agency which placed you to receive your adoption records.
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Release of Nonidentifying Information to Adoptees in South Dakota (SDCL 25-6-15.2)

Nonidentifying information, if known, shall be made available to the adoptive parent, or to the adoptee upon reaching the age of 18, and after a written request and proper proof of identification is provided. This information or any part thereof may be withheld only if it is of such nature that it would tend to identify a biological relative of the adoptee.
For the purpose of 25-6-15 to 25-6-15.3, inclusive, nonidentifying information is:
  1. The age of the birth parents at the time of birth of the adoptee. However, this does not include the dates of birth of the parents.
  2. The heritage of the birth parents, which includes nationality, ethnic background and race.
  3. The education, which shall be number of years of school completed by the birth parents at the time of the birth of the adoptee.
  4. The general physical appearance of the birth parents at the time of the birth of the adoptee in terms of height, weight, color of hair, eyes, skin and other information of a similar nature.
  5. The talents, hobbies and special interests of the birth parents.
  6. The existence of any other children born to either birth parent before the birth of the adoptee.
  7. Whether it was voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights.
  8. The religion of the birth parents.
  9. The occupation of the birth parents in general terms.
10. The health history of birth parents and blood relatives.
11. The relationship between the birth parents.

South Dakotas Voluntary Adoption Registry

The South Dakota Department of Social Services maintains a Voluntary Adoption Registry of adoptees and natural parents who have consented to the release of identifying information about themselves. All consents indicate to whom the information may be released and whether the adoptee desires release of this identifying information after his or her death. A person who uses this voluntary register may revoke consent at any time.
The purpose of the registry is to facilitate voluntary contact between adoptees 18 years or older who were born in South Dakota and their birth parents. Siblings of the adopted person 18 or older may also register. In the event that a match occurs, the Department of Social Services will notify you by mail.
The registry is passive, meaning the Department of Social Services does not search for adoptees or for birth parents whose names are not included in the registry.
Register with the South Dakota Voluntary Adoption Registry:
Completed forms should be mailed to:
  • Department of Social Services
    Division of Child Protection Services
    Adoption Unit
    700 Governors Drive
    Pierre, SD 57501
For more information:
  • Please contact the Adoption Unit at (605) 773-3227.

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