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Colorado OBCs

Colorado Birth Certificates for Adoptees

Who May Access Original Birth Certificate Information in ColoradoWho May Access Original Birth Certificate Information in Colorado

Colorado OBC Access Status: 

The following information was retrieved from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment web site:

Effective January 1, 2016, adult adoptees and other eligible parties (see application for eligible parties), regardless of when the adoption took place, may apply for a copy of the original birth certificate. 
Currently, adoption records are open to eligible parties through the Colorado courts using form JDF 532T — Request for Access to Adoption Records. 
Access to adoption information
Colorado Revised Statute §19-5-305 details how adoption records may be accessed by by adoptees and other eligible parties.

How to get your original birth certificate
We maintain an adoption registry to make voluntary contact easier between Colorado-born adoptees 18 or older and their birth parents.
Contact preference for adoptee and adoptive parents, non-identifying information about birth parents.

Adoptees in Search - Colorado's Triad Connection (AIS-CTC):

AIS-CTC's web site is currently down.  More information about the path to OBC access for Colorado adoptees can be found on the group's Facebook page:

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