Don't be Denied Your Voice! Tell You Adoption Story

Are you a DENIED Adoptee?

"Because society has delegated to social agencies responsibility for protecting the interests and well-being of all three parties involved in adoption, social agencies have an obligation to hear the messages that adult adoptees are sending. Adult adoptees are a primary source for knowledge about adoption as an institution. Their perceptions are unique, for adult adoptees are actually the only persons who can tell us what it is like to live adoption in a society in which most people are not adopted. Therefore, whether adoptees are unduly goaded by the search for facts and reunion or whether they are at peace with their adoptive status, their reactions should be sought. They can add an important new dimension to the field's knowledge...............Today's sealed record controversy cannot be dismissed as simply the expression of a few vocal dissidents; it must be viewed as a moot issue. In this debate, open-mindedness is essential and such openmindedness has to include consideration of the possibility that adult adoptees may be right in demanding elimination of secrecy."  
                                                                              Child Welfare Information Gateway 1976

Why Get a Denied Adoptee Stamp?

The purpose of the "DENIED" stamp is two fold:

  • First, it generates interest from Facebook users who are unaware that adoptees do not have the same rights they have. The more faces we stamp, the better awareness will become.
  • Secondly, it unites each of us in support of the annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration. As adoptees we owe it to each other to unite in support of the protest and lobby team as they gather the focus of state lawmakers to reinstate our access to our Original Birth Certificates.

To get "stamped" please forward your photo to   Please include "DENIED profile photo" in the subject line.

Tell Your Denied Story

Send the Adoptee Rights Coalition your denied image (or the image you would like stamped) and your story to and we will publish your story. 

Stories of the DENIED Adoptees